52 Week Challenge – Week 1

52 Week Challenge – Week 1

What I grateful for in 2013

Hello and welcome to my blog.
I’ve started the New Year (2013) by challenging myself.

Part of that challenge is to get organized and learn to have fun.

I found this wonderful place (52 week challenge) http://www.homelifesimplified.com.au/ and I’ve decided to take this challenge.  Since this challenge is long gone, I decided to do my own.

The first challenge is what I am grateful for in 2013.
Deb from the 52 week challenge asked a few questions to help get the ball rolling:

What energized you?  Writing my books.

What made you feel happy? Keeping my job.

What made you feel at peace? Knowing I can Pray and read the bible and stay grounded in Christ.

What positive people lifted you up?  Right now I am working on this but a few online friends help me stay positive including Laurie Nichols, Tracie and Ronda.

What filled your “tank”  Doing something that is makes feel I’ve value added.

What worked to bring your family together? Communication

What is something that made you feel excited to dive right in? Writing my book

What did you learn (positive things)? Just do it. Don’t think about what others think of you if you want to do it just do it.

Now for the bad stuff: What are you grateful for?

  1.  My daughter Jorden
  2. My family
  3. Felix
  4. Job
  5. Devry to grow and learn and to get a Bachelors degree for the creation of my future
  6. My Cats
  7. Roof over my head
  8. My bible
  9. Phones for communication
  10. Creativity
  11. My books I created (3) so far will add links later they are all under 7.00 Poems, Security in IL, and Encouragement

So there you have it. What I am grateful for.



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